Thursday, January 29, 2009

Arrived in San Miguel de Allende

We pretty much laughed ourselves silly through the entire 3 day drive south to the Mexico boarder with Whitney.  That alone made us exhausted.  Turns out we all travel the same way, with the same food, the same humor, and the same positive outlook. 

We spent a night in Ocean Springs, Mississippi and another in Corpus Christi TX,  and then arrived at the home of our new best friend, Juan, a couchsurfer in Ciudad Victoria, Mexico. Our plan was to only stay one night, but with his generous hospitality, fantastic conversations, and bbq's each night with his friends and family, we felt like we just couldn't leave Juan right away, so we stayed 2 more days.  The laughing went on and on with Juan as well.  

We were stopped by military check point inspections quite a few times, but with our unique distraction of having a circus-type blind dog "without eyes" with us, we were quickly on the road again without too much repacking.  Seems to work every time.  I guess, drug smugglers don't have many blind dogs with them these days. 

We arrived in San Miguel de Allende this last Tuesday where we began our "house sitting" gig with Whitney.  This house is fantastic!  It's a huge Mexican style 3 bedroom 4 bath home with lot's of American money poured into it making it feel like a 5 star resort.  There are 3 outdoor patios overlooking the city in different locations of the house including a cabana covered patio on the roof top.  We have a maid that comes 3 times a week and a gardner twice a week and a dog and cat to keep Lyle company.  We are living the high life and not paying a dime.  We love Mexico!  Plus we have tacos whenever we want. 

As Whitney said, "why would anyone want to live anywhere BUT Mexico?" Well, we have started to ask ourselves this very question now. 

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roger said...

Hey Guys,
It's Roger and we are in Savannah this weekend. Been wondering how y'all are doing. Great to know you have arrived and are safe.

Amy says hi, so does Jewell and Big John. Keep living the life and know your friends are thinking about you