Monday, August 11, 2008

The Art of Self Promotion

August 9, 2008 was the official launch of our short documentary Slow Down and Fast.

Slow Down and Fast is a film about a man who goes into the woods for 30 days without food or shelter on a water only fast. What he discovers is much more then you would expect. See the trailer below.

The idea of this blog is to document my journey as an independent filmmaker searching to find my audience, support our art and allow the internet to become the new market for independent film. I will outline my journey as it unfolds.

Here are the basics.

My wife Jaime Byrd started out with a consumer camera and a friend who wanted to fast on our property. Three years later we have a completed film, much more equipment and a dream to have 1,000,000 people see our film. My job has been to promote and distribute the film.

After what felt like almost a year, I've finally got all the tools in place to sell our film on our website. The list of assets include a shopping cart, ssl script, automatic credit card processor, paypal account, the ability to sell passwords, compressed video in flash format that looks good, a discussion board and a dream.

Now I've got to learn all the new social networking tools and viral marketing to bring our film to the goal. It's an ambitious goal however reasonable. My plan is to give it away to all my friends because they've wanted to see it anyway. All I ask from them is that if they like it, please tell their friends about it and let them spend $4.00 to see it.

I signed up on Digg, delicious, and stumbleupon. All very new concepts for me. I created a basic myspace page and now I'm off to spend some time outside my computer.

So for today, I wait, let the idea sit for a spell and let the world of the internet open up to us.

Oh, I guess I need to create a blog somewhere, right now it is just on my computer screen. Perhaps on Monday I'll look into blogger or some equivalent. So much to learn!

Thanks for reading.

Blind Lyle Films

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