Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Overwhelming list of options

As I delve further into the concept of self promotion of our film Slow Down and Fast, I start to run into a list of potential ways to promote our film and the countless things to learn.

For starters, as I write this blog, I realize that if no one reads this, then why do I continue to write? By promoting this blog, I ultimately will get more people interested in what I'm doing however people have to find me.

Finding ways to promote my blog seems to be the next logical step. I've looked up some other blogs on the subject. Such as this one here.

This brings up more things to learn like blogging etiquette and the best ways to self promote without coming across as spam.

In addition, I've been exploring ways to network through digg and stumbleupon. Each one of these requires more research and more time.

It seems easier to talk about all the things to learn then to actually learn any of them. Getting started is always the hardest part.

Today, I'm just brainstorming on the list, Then I'll work more on each one and let you know what I've discovered.

1. Learn about social bookmarking and ways to find like minded people that will be interested in your work.

2. Promote your blog.

3. Find friends on places like myspace, and facebook.

4. Figure out the best way to utilize your existing network of friends and family to help promote your film. Make sure that you have specific goals in mind. Make it simple so they can do it. Supply them with the tools if necessary.

5. Submit a trailer to video sharing sites like Youtube, Metacafe and many others. Find as many as possible. Test different links, tags, etc and monitor which ones work better then others.

6. Find a way to collect e-mail addresses of visitors to your site and create a newsletter that you can send out to them.

7. Create a podcast of the journey.

I'm sure more ideas will come. For now, I'm off to "work".

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